7 Hotspots Every Local from Frankfurt Knows


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One the best guide to get while on vacation is from locals; it’s like seeing where you’re heading to, in your mind’s eyes. Are you traveling to Germany? Frankfurt to be precise, if you don’t want to get your vacation ruined by boredom (nobody wants that anyway).


Here are the 7 Hotspot well known by locals in Frankfurt, the financial and business empire in Germany.

1.         The Skyline Garden

The amazing thing about the skyline garden is that it gives you just the perfect serenity and atmosphere you so desire to have fun with you and your family. If you plan to travel with your kids, the skyline garden got them covered. The playground is beautiful with a whole lot of space where you can easily relax, walk, chat or just have a sit out. Another point that attracts locals and visitors to the GARDEN is the restaurant named Alex. The restaurant which is central in skyline garden has two different patios with distinct designs.

Guess what?

It allows you have an overview of the city and its magnificence. It is a wonderful spot to snap pictures which will remind you of your fun filled vacation.

2.        Main Tower

Okay! It’s time to go vintage. Do you love arts? Both fine and culinary. Then the Main Tower is a must visit for you.


Also known as Helaba, the Main Tower is a skyscraper with 62,000m2 office space, 1090 steps, and 2,550 windows. The Main Tower has a beautiful restaurant and romantic lounge, with a gym to crown it all, it’s the only skyscraper that allows the public to access it, perhaps due to the exotic nature. It’s a must visit for you, and of course, your safety is guaranteed.

3.        Romerberg

The location of the city’s government and political powers. Romerberg has been the pride of Frankfurt since the 15th century. The Holy Roman Empire regarded it as the most beautiful square then in Germany. Currently, Romerberg is the center of activities such as festivals and tournaments, coronations and site for fairs and market.

4.        Museum of Modern Art Frankfurt.

The MMK was opened in 1991 and was built by architect Hans Hollein. It’s one of the most valued museums in Germany, and a favorite for locals. If you want to have that complete tour while on vacation in Frankfurt, ensure you visit the MMK, you do not want to miss seeing the works of Germany’s most spectacular and grand art collection from the 1960s to date. There are other inspiring museums such as the STADEL, SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT, and DEUTSCHES ARDCHITEKTURMUSEUM. They are also amazing places to be.

Experiencing this museum will inspire you so much.

5.        Niddastrand

Healthy living is very important, and that’s why Niddastrand in Frankfurt is a special place for the perfect meal. You can call it the “food zone’. There are many food shops you can explore at Niddastrand from the cheese shops, meat shops, herbs and spices and lots more. The Niddastrand gives you a special nutritional treat reminding you that your vacation needs a unique delicacy. If you’re a fan of pizza, Mustafa, and pub, the Niddastrand in Frankfurt has got you covered.

6.        Palmengarten

Locals consider Palmengarten in Frankfurt the home of plant and culture. To begin with, you want to experience the cozy feeling of a green ecosystem, then this spot is the best place in Frankfurt. The botanical gardens will make you fall in love with plant and flowers. The palm house has charming cockatoos and extremely tall palm trees. This makes it look like the tropics.

Palmengarten gives you that cozy and serenity to think and reflect due to its quiet and peaceful environment.

7.         Rhine Valley in Frankfurt

A cruise to Rhine Valley will be so memorable to you and your loved ones. Known for its romantic nature, locals consider it one of the most important waterways in the area. The Rhine Valley due to its lovely environment has been named the world heritage suite by UNESCO.

What do you get to enjoy there?

  • The museums of Mainz
  • Bike routes
  • River excursions
  • You have the opportunity to see the worms cathedral and
  • The Mannheim

For locals, Frankfurt is exotic, welcoming and ready to be explored. No matter how long the explanation about Frankfurt continues, it’s best experienced and felt.

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