With over 1000 species of birds within its borders, Kenya is a birders paradise


April 16, 2017Birding TourNo comments

With over 1000 species of birds within its borders, Kenya is a birders paradise. It is a small country, so all of that travel time needed in other locations will be used towards birding, making Kenya birding tours even more of an exciting prospect. Kenya birding tours will be your best bet in getting to fully enjoy the birding spoils of this lush country. Because of the huge amount of species located here, most packages for Kenya birding tours allow for guests to have a bit of input in the planning process. This will allow birders to then be able to list the birding species that they would most like to see in the country. The average 2 week Kenya birding tours will allow guests to be able to sight a great many birds, however due to the sheer number, most birders tend to add a week or 2 to their trip.

This will then allow them to see hundreds of species. The art of bird watching can be considered as a timely activity. First off, there is the aspect of finding the bird. Then there is the aspect of being able to do your recordings. This would be in the form of marking it into your bird life list, photographing it, sketching it and then simply admiring its physicality and sociability. These must be considered before venturing off on Kenya birding tours. Choose a tour company who will accommodate these needs of yours so that you may get the most out of the trip indeed.


Expect to find a diverse forestry setup in Kenya. Tour guests will be travelling to spots that are so remote, that modern facilities will not be found for miles on end. This is the first instance where booking into Kenya birding tours comes in handy. The second would be the guides, who will lead the tour group around. Their expertise is such that they know exactly where the various species can be found at. Their presence is a sort of guarantee that a tour group will be spotting species specified in the package. But back to the remoteness of the trip.

Kenya birding tours are truly a way to get back to nature and explore the vastness of a region that is totally inhabited by the animal kingdom with no interference from humans. The downside is having to get back to basics. This is how the trip would be spent if you would attempt to tour Kenya on your own. There isn’t even any guarantee that you would be able to sight any of the endemic species the country is famed for. On Kenya birding tours this is not a worry at all. The tour company will bring along all needed supplies for the weeks long trip. This will enable those who have booked into Kenya birding tours to just pitch up to the country and set off on an adventure of seeking out the exotic sounding Pangani Longclaw or Aberdare Cisticola without having to worry about any of the logistical aspects involved.